Restore The Wonder

Watch as we unveil Restore The Wonder to our children!

Watch as we unveil Restore The Wonder to our children!



Do you remember as an innocent child, being overwhelmed with how beautiful things in the world were, how endless the night sky seemed, and how overwhelming the mountains and the ocean were? Being thrilled at the smallest novelty, and satisfied with the most common play thing? Do you remember having great hope and anticipation for the future, and where you might go in your adventurous life? Life had promise, potential, harmony, and… Wonder.

Unfortunately, many in today’s world have determined that wonder, and the concept of a God who made such wonderful things, is a child-like, naïve notion best discarded as you grow older, to be replaced by skepticism and so called scientific “reality.” According to that pervasive worldview, we are all nearly products of random, unguided forces, and there is “no one out there” who cares about us.

Those of us who live in one of the world’s most wonder-full locations on this beautiful earth, and who know God personally, have a different story to tell. The world IS FULL OF WONDER, and there is a God who knows you, and calls you to explore both Him, and the creation He put in place to prove Himself to you.

Why do we want to embark upon this project? To change the eternal destiny’s of men and women. How? By instilling such a sense of wonder and belief in God while they are young that they never have a reason to doubt Him as they grow older. And to forever place in the hearts of each of us a child-like spirit that embraces our awesome God.

For many of us here, this will count as our legacy that continues to lead people to Christ long after our lives on earth are done! I hope you’ll join me in this incredible adventure to Restore the Wonder.

Bruce Newton